White Hills drinking water sample exceeds EPA limit for arsenic

February 25, 2019

KINGMAN — Sampling of drinking water from White Hills Water Company Unit 1 found levels of arsenic above federal standards, but company officials said it remains safe to drink.

There were 12 parts per billion of arsenic found in the sample from the water system in rural Mohave County, north of Bullhead City and northwest of Kingman.

Other area water systems were not affected.

“The drinking water standard or allowable level set by the Environmental Protection Agency is 10 ppb or less,” said Erin Jordan, public information officer for Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. “The sample pulled (from White Hills Water Company) on Jan. 3, 2019, showed a level of 12 ppb.”

White Hills Water Company Unit 1 is east of U.S. Highway 93. The company, in a prepared statement, said it routinely monitors drinking water for contaminants.

“If it had been an immediate risk you would have been notified immediately,” the prepared statement said.

White Hills Water Company said it wasn’t necessary for its customers to use an alternate water supply, such as bottled water. However, customers with specific health concerns should consult their doctor.

“Arsenic is naturally occurring in many areas of Arizona and is often found in the groundwater source,” said Jordan. “ADEQ has a technical and compliance assistance program and often supports small water systems, such as this one, with developing a plan to address an exceedance of a drinking water standard. At present, ADEQ is working with the water system owner and will be hiring a contractor to further investigate a potential path forward that is protective of public health and the environment.”

White Hills Water Company said testing is performed every three months to monitor the water quality. The company said it was addressing the problem immediately and anticipated a resolution within the next six to 12 months.