Grateful for a presidential letter -- Connie Ryan

December 14, 2018

When I was president of the Wisconsin Funeral Directors Association, George H.W. Bush was president of the United States.

He put out a call for the war on drugs. Wanting to help, my son Kevin, a graphic artist, made a poster entitled, “He just wanted to be part of the gang.” It depicted several tombstones with various names, and one up front for the new member of the gang.

The poster caught statewide and national attention. We sent one to the White House, and to our surprise received the following letter:

Dear Mr. Ryan:

Thank you very much for your thoughtful letter enclosing one of the posters that your members have distributed in Wisconsin communities in the war against drugs.

As part of the ongoing government and private sector partnership, I applaud your organization’s dedicated efforts to help eradicate the scourge of drug abuse from our society. With the help of local groups like yours, we can win this battle and bring about a better life for all Americans. Keep up the great job.

Barbara joins me in sending you our best wishes.

Sincerely, George Bush

We could not believe a man that busy did this.

Connie Ryan, Madison, funeral director, Ryan Funeral Home

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