Can you guess Utah’s favorite Halloween candy? Hint: It’s not chocolate!

October 13, 2018

Though a love of all things chocolatey is pretty universal, did you know that Utahns actually have a penchant for sugary sweet Jolly Ranchers as well? At least according to bulk candy seller candystore.com.

With Halloween just around the corner, the website released an interactive map ranking the most popular Halloween candy by state, a map that put Jolly Ranchers first in sales for the state of Utah.

Though it may sound a little hokey, the site actually factored in 11 years of sales data just to solidify the results, because, according to the study, “This year, it is expected that $2.6 billion will be spent on trick-or-treat, which is a lot of money. If we as a nation are spending that much, we might as well get it right.”

The study includes sales results for the months leading up to Halloween and added in information from a variety of candy manufacturers and distributors. The result is a pretty delicious look at the United States, and shows that Utahns favor Jolly Ranchers (with 483,545 lbs. consumed), followed by Candy Corn (172,832 lbs. consumed) and Tootsie Pops (148,780 lbs. consumed).

According to the results, “Jolly Ranchers again retain the #1 spot in Utah with over 483,000 pounds consumed. Boom! But people from Utah do seem jolly and there are surely many ranches there, so Jolly Ranchers might be more fitting.”

Utah’s neighbor to the north, Idaho, had candy corn topping the list, along with neighbors New Mexico and Nevada. Arizona, however, zeroed in on Snickers, with Colorado eating up Twix and Wyoming enjoying the peanut-buttery goodness of Reese’s.

View more results and exact consumption numbers by following this link.

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