We must learn not to judge others -- Kyle Wiegand

May 6, 2019

Judgment is everywhere. It happens on the streets, in school, at work and at home.

It causes countless problems. And our society has grown to judge others with ease. Whether it’s the way a person looks, their race, religion or the way they speak -- judgment follows us everywhere.

Everyone judges. I judge. You judge. We judge. Judgment is a serious problem in today’s society. And without everyone making an effort to stop judgment, hate will continue to cause issues and ruin relationships.

But what if it’s not the way the person is dressed or talking that’s making us judge? Maybe it’s the way our society has taught us to view others. We can’t change the way someone dresses or acts, but maybe we can change the way we see.

We as a community and nation need to stop judging others. We are extremely fortunate to live in a country where we have the privilege to dress however we want, practice any religion, and say what we want. And the continuous judgment is contradicting those beliefs. When is enough enough?

Kyle Wiegand, Sun Prairie