Voice of the People: Life is under attack

March 17, 2019

Quoting from Vice President Mike Pence who says that life is under attack in the United States, I couldn’t agree more.

We now have several states that are taking up bills that would allow third-trimester abortions, some maybe even up to the time a woman is in labor. The governor of Virginia also has suggested that, if a full-term baby is born with a defect, that the child should be made comfortable and then it should be up to the doctors and the mother as what to do with the child, suggesting that we should just let it die.

America, land of the free, where has our humanity gone? A baby’s heart beats at eight weeks and by the third trimester, there is a living, moving, complete human being ready to enter the world. Decisions about whether or not you want to have a child should be made very early on and, if that decision is not to have children, that is OK, but don’t wait until there is life within you and then decide to destroy that life.

We place more value on animals in this country than we do unborn infants. People have gone to jail for animal abuse, but we rip tiny infants from their mother’s wombs every day without any guilt or shame. Then, there is the hypocrisy of being able to abort a baby because it is not yet a human being, but if you murder a pregnant woman, you will be held accountable for two murders.

God gave us life, and He wants us to take care of all lives, even the unborn. Some day, we will all have to stand before God and answer for what we have done to the life He has entrusted us with.

Vicky Petersen