SEOUL, South Korea (AP) _ More than 10,000 public servants, including two assistant Cabinet ministers, have been fired or reprimanded in an anti-corruption campaign, the government announced today.

At the instruction of President Kim Dae-jung, the agency charged with government management said it has been conducting a secret probe of ministries and state-funded organizations since July to ferret out corrupt officials.

About 500 officials were fired for taking bribes, the agency said, including two deputy Cabinet ministers and 13 other senior officials indicted on bribery charges.

The remainder were given pay cuts and subjected to other disciplinary actions, the release said.

Since its inception in February, Kim's government has campaigned against corruption as a means of making South Korea a more desirable place for foreign investment.

All previous governments fought to eradicate corruption among government officials, teachers and businessmen. But the practice of exchanging bribes and treating government officials to lavish parties remains widespread.

South Korea has 910,000 government officials, including 280,000 public school teachers. It also employs 278,000 officials in 490 government-funded companies and other institutions.