Letter to the editor: Vote for what you believe

November 29, 2018

We all have an obligation, not only to vote, but to vote intelligently, as every vote affects society as a whole. If you’re voting Democrat or Republican, your vote must be honest and thoughtful.

Our nation has been truly blessed and has advanced the cause of all mankind. Just what is it that made our nation great? We are great because we are a nation of laws, and our government in the past has been a protector of the liberty and freedom given to us by God. Thus, when voting, you not only have an obligation to vote for those you feel, in your heart of hearts, will best protect our liberty and freedom, be they Republican or Democrat.

The choices are quite clear: You can vote for open borders or our right to protect our borders as a sovereign nation. You can vote for sanctuary cities that protect illegal criminal invaders, or the rule of law. One party promised to rescind current tax reduction legislation and called your lower taxes “crumbs.” One party has vowed to impeach our president and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and thinks abortion is OK.

If you believe in a strong military, the Second Amendment, standing for the national anthem and that God has a place in our society, then you have a choice.

Rudolph Puchan


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