Sanders, My Dear Chikako

August 12, 2018

My Dear Chikako Three years ago today, the twelfth of August, Chikako Sanders went to heaven, why? Not because it was God’s will or he wanted or needed her more than I did. It’s because that’s where angels go, they go to heaven and she certainly had earned her wings putting up with me for almost 46 years. There are those who say I don’t believe in heaven or h***, well, they never had a Chikako in their lives. She was heaven and losing her was h***. I think about the pain associated with the loss of those we love and I feel sorry for those who will never feel it, for it is a reminder every day of how blessed we are to have had that person in our lives. After three years, I still feel it but, every day I understand it more. They say life goes on, but only for those who choose to live it. That’s your responsibility, to live the life they would have given anything for to live. Otherwise, their death and your life end up being a waste. Time is most precious to those who are running out of it. Use your time wisely, love deeply, make memories and know that at the beginning of everyday, there is an end. Mine was August 12, 2015. Love you baby, always did always will. We will see you when it is my turn. Mike

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