LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hard to believe there was a time that movies based on comic book superheroes weren't sure-fire box office hits. But in the late 1970s, one of the first came out: "Superman." One of the stars of that movie has died. Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the first Superman movies died in her sleep Sunday. She was 69. Though the role of the "Man of Steel" went to Christopher Reeve, it was Kidder who had some of the most memorable lines in the movie. For example, when Superman appears out of nowhere to save her from death in a helicopter crash, he assures her he had her. Kidder's Lane responds: "You've got me?! Who's got you?!"



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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Taraji P. Henson will always remember this Mother's Day — but not because she got a nice present from her son. She also got a proposal. The bid for marriage comes from former NFL star Kelvin Hayden. Henson posted a photo on Instagram showing off the diamond ring Hayden gave her. She says Hayden gave her a love bracelet before following up with the ring. Henson is 47; her hubby-to-be is 34. She has a 24-year-old son from a previous relationship. Hayden is best known for running an interception back for a touchdown in the 2007 Super Bowl.


NEW YORK (AP) — Is Fox trying to fill the airwaves with shows hosted by people who support President Donald Trump? Nah, says the people who run the entertainment side of the network. They say they're bringing back Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing" because it's a "great comedy" — not because Allen's a conservative. This season, the reboot of "Roseanne" was ratings gold for ABC, which played up the fact that the lead character, like its star Roseanne Barr, is a Trump fan. A Fox official says the success of Roseanne nudged the network toward picking up "Last Man Standing" after it was canceled by ABC. But it also says the decision was already in the works before Barr's show became a hit the second time around.


NEW YORK (AP) — Seth Meyers is one of those comedians who seems to have no problem biting the hand that feeds him. He proved that when he appeared at the NBC schedule presentation in New York yesterday. He delivered zingers at two sore spots for the suits he works for: the Matt Lauer scandal and Bill Cosby's sex assault conviction. He cracked that NBC is "home to the No. 1 drama on television, a show that each week gives us twists and turns, heartbreaking reveals and, this season, the departure of a once-beloved character. I'm talking, of course, about 'This is the Today Show.'" And Meyers says the revival of "Will & Grace" has the network so pleased, "at least one exec at NBC says, 'We can't bring back 'The Cosby Show,' right?"


WASHINGTON (AP) — First lady Melania Trump is expected to be in the hospital the rest of the week as she recovers from surgery. Her staff says she underwent a procedure to treat a benign kidney condition. President Donald Trump, wasn't with her when she had the surgery — but the first lady's office says he did speak with her before the procedure — and hopped a helicopter after work to visit. Later, the president tweeted that his wife was in "good spirits."



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WASHINGTON (AP) — "Traitors and cowards." That's how President Trump is describing some of those who work in the White House West Wing. In a tweet, he ripped insiders who have let on about behind-the-scenes doings at the White House, vowing "we will find out who they are!" Trump was irked when a comment by a top aide about Arizona Sen. John McCain went public. Last week, communications aide Kelly Sadler blew off McCain's opposition to the Trump's nominee to run the CIA. Said Sadler of McCain: "He's dying anyway." McCain is 81 and has been battling an aggressive form of brain cancer.


CANNES, France (AP) — The leaders of the Cannes Film Festival have signed a gender equality pledge. The pledge was signed at an event held on a French beach under a packed tent. The measure is aimed at making the Cannes selection process more transparent and to push their executive boards toward gender parity. The pledge was drawn up by the French group 50/50 by 2020, part of an international coalition that led Saturday's women's rally at the famed movie festival.


CANNES, France (AP) — It is one of the most highly anticipated movies at the Cannes Film Festival. You can also say it's been one of the best-received. We're talking about Spike Lee's Ku Klux Klan crime drama "BlacKkKlansman." It received a long, loud standing ovation yesterday. Lee's film tells true-life tale of a black police detective in Colorado who infiltrates the local chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. It stars Denzel Washington's son, John David Washington, Adam Driver and Topher Grace.


UNDATED (AP) — Look for a new co-star at the helm when "Lethal Weapon" returns to Fox this year. Seann William Scott is the new co-lead on the series, which returns for its third season. He replaces Clayne Crawford in the show based on the Lethal Weapon movie franchise. Crawford's character is being written out and Scott will play a new character teamed with co-star Damon Wayans.


CARLISLE, Pa. (AP) — You'd probably agree it's odd to have Danny DeVito show up at a high school prom. Almost as odd: having a cardboard cutout of the actor at the year-end school dance. WHTM-TV reports Carlisle High School senior Allison Closs brought the diminutive two-dimensional date for her prom last Friday. The Pennsylvania teen bought the cutout online and used a scooter to roll it around.


LONDON (AP) — It's usually a big deal when a parent doesn't show up for their child's wedding. It's an even bigger deal when the wedding in question is Saturday's royal nuptials at which Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will tie the knot. Markle's dad won't be there to walk his daughter down the aisle. Kensington Palace didn't confirm or deny a TMZ report that Thomas Markle won't attend. But it is asking for "understanding and respect" for the couple. TMZ says Markle's dad is upset over the flak he got for staging paparazzi photos of him preparing for the wedding. The site also says he suffered a heart attack less than a week ago — and went back to the hospital with more chest pains yesterday.

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