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Parents of Academy Award Winner Celebrate Son’s Honor

March 26, 1985

EL PASO, Texas (AP) _ F. Murray Abraham’s mother says there was ″no doubt in my mind,″ that her son would win the Oscar as best actor, while his father says ″I just kept praying.″

Abraham, a 45-year-old veteran of TV commercials and off-Broadway theater, won the Academy Award Monday night for his first starring film role, as the jealous court composer Salieri in the film ″Amadeus.″

″I tried not to have any doubts,″ his father, Fred Abraham, said. ″But I was a little worried. I just kept praying for Murray.″

He and his wife, Josephine Abraham, leaned forward in front of the giant TV screen in their living room as actress Shirley MacLaine read the nominees in the best actor category.

″There was no doubt in my mind,″ Josephine Abraham told the El Paso Times. ″I knew he’d win. I’m so happy. I knew he was going to be a big star.″

The couple embraced as 100 friends and relatives and reporters cheered and applauded. Nephews, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends and neighbors were among the viewers watching a large-screen television and seven other sets in rooms throughout the Abraham home.

Fred, fighting back tears, threw his hands in the air.

″He did it 3/8 He did it 3/8″ he cried.

Family friend Al Flores embraced Josephine Abraham.

″Can I hug the star’s mother?″ he asked.

Murray’s cousin Jerry Skurlock said, ″He’s the best 3/8 The greatest 3/8 He spent a lot of time and pain and now he got his reward 3/8″

While people talked, Josephine Abraham repeatedly insisted on silence.

″I don’t want to miss anything 3/8″ she said.

″Isn’t he beautiful?″ she said to no one in particular.

She said she had seen ″Amadeus″ seven times.

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