BBCHS board hopeful has ties to superintendent

March 19, 2019

BRADLEY — Todd Kuntz, a candidate for the Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School board in next month’s election, knows the superintendent pretty well — they’re brothers-in-law.

The wives of Kuntz and Superintendent Scott Wakeley are sisters.

In an interview, Kuntz said that if he wins a seat on the board in the April 2 election, he will abstain from votes that deal directly with Wakeley.

Kuntz said that when he thought about running, he asked Wakeley whether it was OK if he did. But he said he didn’t run because of the superintendent.

Rather, Kuntz said he wanted to be involved in the school’s college and career readiness program.

“I’m not a college graduate. We didn’t have that type of program when I was in school,” Kuntz said. “Even if I’m not a board member, I want to be a part of that program.”

He said he particularly likes that the program helps students who are not necessarily going to college and gives them the skills for jobs at places such as CSL Behring.

Kuntz said he would abstain from any votes on the superintendent’s contract.

“That’s not because I would be doing anything wrong, but because of how it would look to the public,” he said.

He also said if the board were ever to vote on Wakeley’s dismissal, he would abstain.

“I’m running for the board for my kids. I think one of them will want to go to college. The other two will want to do something other than college,” Kuntz said.

In an interview, Wakeley said he agreed that Kuntz should abstain from votes that deal directly with him, which likely involve less than 1 percent of the board’s decisions.

“I can’t control who runs for public office,” Wakeley said. “I will work with whoever the community votes in.”

Wakeley made $226,000 from the school district in 2018, according to OpenTheBooks.com.

In the April 2 election, six candidates are vying for four seats. Besides Kuntz, the other five candidates are incumbents Hollice Clark, Justin Caldwell and Mike O’Gorman and challengers Jennifer Edmonds and John Steinberg.