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Crashes of Boeing 707s in Recent Years With AM-Jetliner Crash Bjt

January 26, 1990

Undated (AP) _ Here is a list of some fatal crashes of Boeing 707s in recent years:

- Sept. 3, 1989, a Cubana de Aviacion charter crashed in a Havana suburb during a thunderstorm, killing 125 of 126 people aboard.

- March 21, 1989, a Transbrasil Airlines cargo flight crashed in a hillside slum of Guarulhos, Brazil, killing the 3 crew members and 15 on the ground and injuring 200.

- Feb. 8, 1989, charter owned by Independent Air Corp. of Smyrna, Tenn., crashed into Pico Alto mountain in the Azores, killing 144.

- Dec. 14, 1988, Nigerian cargo flight crashed near Luxor, Egypt, killing its eight crew members and one person on the ground. The plane, en route from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, to Brussels, Belgium, had been diverted to Luxor after being unable to land at Cairo for refueling due to bad weather.

- Oct. 17, 1988, Uganda Airlines flight crashed into houses and trees near Rome’s main airport after three attempts to land in thick fog; 31 of 52 people aboard were killed.

- July 21, 1988, Angolan cargo flight crashed in bad weather while preparing to land in Lagos, Nigeria, killing its six crew members.

- Nov. 29, 1987, Korean Air flight crashed near the Thailand-Burma border, killing all 115 aboard; a bomb is suspected.

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