Weekend storm in the forecast, though this one not expected to pack as much punch

November 28, 2018

Highs expected to hit 40 later this week could melt some of the ice that has formed in places such as the Missouri River east of downtown, but another weekend wintry storm is brewing in the Pacific Ocean. This one isn’t expected to pack as much of a punch as the one that caused so much trouble with holiday travel on Sunday.

Bryon Miller, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service, said accumulating snow is likely in places in Nebraska and Iowa this weekend, but “exactly where is still unclear.” Precipitation could start as rain Friday afternoon before transitioning to snow overnight and possibly continuing through the day Saturday.

Like last weekend’s storm, this one is likely to be fast-moving and hard to pin down until it’s almost on top of the region, he said.

Early indications are that this system won’t have the intense winds that created blizzard conditions last weekend, he said.

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