Catholic University dean suspended over Kavanaugh tweet

October 2, 2018

A Catholic University dean is under fire for comments he made about one of Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers on Twitter.

Over the past two weeks, the dean of Catholic University’s School of Social Service used his now-deleted Twitter account to comment on Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. In one tweet, he cast Kavanaugh as the victim, suggesting that since accuser Julie Swetnick was a college senior while Kavanaugh was a freshman, she was the perpetrator of sexual misconduct.

Using the hashtag “not my dean,” students and some faculty at the university want Will Rainford terminated.

“Not only did he cast doubt, he actually blamed a survivor who was on a college campus when it happenend, said Anthony Hain, a student at Cathlic University. “So there’s just no way he can stay.”

The university president called Rainford’s tweets “unacceptable” and suspended him for the rest of the semester. Rainford offered an apology, issuing a letter saying in part that his tweet suggested Swetnick was not a victim of sexual assault.

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