John Legend tells Chrissy Teigen she’s ‘sexy all the time’

September 30, 2018

John Legend tells Chrissy Teigen she’s sexy “all the time.”

The 32-year-old model has admitted she often feels “totally filthy” - especially now that she’s had two children and her body is no longer the way it used to be - but she loves that her husband showers her with compliments regularly and still lets her know that he’s turned on by her.

Speaking to PEOPLE.com, the brunette beauty - who has two-year-old daughter Luna and four-month-old son Miles with the ‘All of Me’ hitmaker - said: “John tells me I’m sexy all the time. Honestly I fight it because there’s only so much that someone can say or do before you’re like, ‘I know you’re not telling the truth.’

“But he really pushes it and he wants me to know that he loves my new body or he loves the way my skin feels. When I’m feeling totally filthy, he always lets me know that he is still totally turned on by me, which is great.”

And, although she’s found it harder to bounce back after the birth of Miles, Chrissy would love to have more children with John, 39, in the future - but not right now because she’s got her hands full with two.

She said recently: “John wants however many kids I want. That’s the good thing with John - he is down for it. Are we ready right now? No! I really love having two, but I think when I’m 70, I’ll look back and say, ‘Oh, I wish I had more.’ I can’t see myself regretting having a ton of kids.”

Chrissy became pregnant with her first two children via in vitro fertilization (IVF), and the ‘Lip Sync Battle’ star admitted that although “it would be awesome” to conceive naturally, she is thankful to have been spared “chaos” by being able to control “timing and scheduling” with the treatment.

She said: “Miles was actually made at the same time as Luna; they were sharing the same little petri dish together. It’s crazy. It’d be awesome; I can’t even fathom it because it’s never happened to me. I’m totally fine with it not happening because I’ve been in a position where we’ve been able to control it - the timing and scheduling. It would be chaos otherwise - but I love chaos too.”

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