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Costner Said Threw Pitches in Film

September 16, 1999

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) _ The winces that Kevin Costner makes on the pitching mound in his new movie ``For Love of the Game″ aren’t an act.

``Kevin threw every strike, threw every curve ball,″ said University of Texas baseball coach Augie Garrido, who served as a technical consultant on the film. ``There’s one scene where you’ll see about two or three pitches. There must be 140 more that he threw that day on the cutting room floor.″

In the film, which opens Friday, Costner plays an aging pitcher nearing the end of his career.

Garrido and Costner became friends in 1992, when Costner came to dedicate a new baseball stadium at his alma mater, California State University at Fullerton. Garrido was then coaching Fullerton’s team.

``Augie was the first person I thought of to help on this film,″ Costner said. ``I trust him implicitly on all fronts.″

Garrido said he was glad to help his friend craft an authentic baseball movie.

``It was like fulfilling a friend’s request to help him,″ he said. ``It wouldn’t be any different than your neighbor coming over and asking for help painting his fence.″

Garrido said he didn’t have to teach Costner about how to act and throw like a big-league pitcher.

``He was the character by the time the film ended, including having a very sore arm,″ he said.

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