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New Politburo Members in East Germany With PM-East Germany, Bjt

November 9, 1989

BERLIN (AP) _ East Germany’s new Communist Party Politburo:

- Egon Krenz, 52, Politburo member since 1983, was responsible for security matters until became party general secretary on Oct. 18. Son of a tailor, he joined the party in 1955 and attended a party school in Moscow between 1964 and 1967. For many years led the Communist youth organization. Retained seat.

- Hans-Joachim Boehme, 59, party member since 1945, party chief in the town of Halle. Retained seat.

- Werner Eberlein, 70, party leader in the city of Magdeburg, member of Politburo since 1986. Named to head party’s control commission Wednesday. Retained seat.

- Wolfgang Herger, 54, Central Committee member since 1976, a security expert expected to become security chief. New member.

- Werner Jarowinsky, 62, a secretary of the Central Committee and Politburo member since 1984. Retained seat.

- Heinz Kessler, 69, army general, minister of defence since 1985. Retained seat.

- Siegrfried Lorenz, 59, party leader in the city of Karl-Marx-Stadt, and Politburo member since 1986. Retained seat.

- Hans Modrow, 61, party chief in Dresden since 1973 and a leading reformer. Studied in the party school and economics in East Berlin. Became a Central Committee member in 1967. New member.

- Wolfgang Rauchfuss, 57, an economist who has been a member of the Central Committee since 1967. New member.

- Guenter Schabowski, 60, East Berlin party chief since 1985 and was the first Politburo member to talk to opposition leaders. A trained journalist, he is expected to become propaganda chief. A Politburo member since 1984, he retained his seat.

- Gerhard Schuerer, 68, since 1963 in the Central Committee and promoted to full member of Politburo from candidate, or non-voting member. Since 1966, he has led the state planning commission.

Candidate, or non-voting members:

Johannes Chemnitzer, 60. New member.

Inge Lange, 62, retained post.

Margarete Mueller, 58, retained post.

Guenter Sieber, 59, new member.

Werner Walde, 63, retained post.

Hans-Joachim Willerding, 37, new member.

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