Franklin residents tired of stench

September 19, 2018

The Franklin City Council room was full at its regular City Council meeting on Sept. 12, mainly in support of spokesmen Ron and Robert Wilkinson who voiced their concern regarding the increased stench within the city limits. They suggested the city review its odor ordinance.

Farmers bring in chicken and/or cow manure from outside the city limits and dump it in empty fields within the city limits. “The fly situation is uncontrollable,” stressed Ron Wilkinson. “You can’t go outside this time of year, plus the stench is awful. These ordinances were passed when everyone in town had cows. This is not a farmer’s town anymore. Can anything be done, like spray more where the stuff is being dumped?”

“It would be wonderful if our spray will work on it. We need to do more research to see what the problems are and keep on top of it,” said Mayor Todd Hawkes.

Robert Wilkinson handed out copies of the city ordinance to the council specifically pointing out the ”stench” ordinance.

“We appreciate your working on this problem. As you can see from the ordinance, there needs to be modifications to make it more effective for today and easier to enforce. We recommend forming a committee to review the ordinance. I’d like to see it done on more of a timing basis.”

Mayor Hawkes agreed that the ordinance needed to be reviewed. “In fact, I think we need to go through the whole ordinance book,” he said.

The Wilkinson brothers expressed their appreciation to the council thanking them for taking the time to hear of their concerns.

Plans discussed for the Halloween Trunk- or- Treat took up the majority of time in the council meeting as to whether to hold it on Halloween or on a separate night. Last year Trunk-or-Treat was held on a separate night, under the direction of the three wards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Franklin.

Several residents present said that the Trunk-or- Treat idea was originally started to eliminate having children going around the neighborhood for safety purposes. They do not want to have another night for the events. Another resident liked it so that they could take their children to family and friend’s houses in other neighborhoods on Halloween. The council wanted to gather more information before deciding. The Mayor stated he would be in touch with the bishops of the community and then decide on a final night.

Teresa Rasmussen representing Larsen-Sant Library introduced the Public Outreach Program for which they are applying for a grant. The program will provide story time one day a week for children ages 4 to 5 years of age to prepare them for k

kindergarten. ”We’re finding that children are reading below the level they should be at for that age and this program will help them be ready for kindergarten,” said Rasmussen.

The class will be held during the school year run by a library staff member and possible volunteers, hopefully to meet for class in the city council room. There will be WiFi capabilities to run six lap tops.

The council agreed it was a good program to have in their community. They will check their city calendar to see if there is any conflict on the weekly Tuesday class.

Councilman Keith Porter representing the Lion’s Club, asked for permission for the Lion’s Club to put up Christmas lighting at the City Park on Highway 91. “I would like the authorization from the council before I present a proposal to the club of what we’d like to do,” Porter said. There is already power at the park to light the LED lights and will not require extra power or expense to the city for the lighting.

John Packer was asked to report on the park slide since he removed it from the Franklin City Park. Mayor Hawkes said he would see if it can be fixed and put back together. Councilman John Packer said he could buy an entire park playground unit for $780. Mayor Hawkes requested information on the new park equipment. Packer was asked to return the broken park slide back to the park shop.

A home business license for Cedar & Rose Dried Flowers requested by Lisa Dryden was approved after questions from the council concerning increased traffic flow at her house, parking, and if it involved several employees.

Tyler Denton gave a report on his Eagle Scout project of refinishing the wooden letters on the front of the Franklin City Office building. “It took me 49 hours. It was cool to try something new. It was fun!” Tyler said. He was given $50 from the city for his project.

A final decision on whether to keep the Del Monte Pond that Franklin City owns, or to sell it. The pond was appraised at $38,208 in 2018. Mayor Hawkes gave a brief history of the pond. “When the Lundahl’s took over the building and the pond for waste material. The city later traded with them the lower property that the city owned for the pond.”

Keith Porter suggested the council research the subject.

Mayor agreed, suggested the council visit the pond and a motion was made to table the decision.

Finally, the mayor suggested that the council do not have a contractor run the city’s RV dump. The motion was passed.

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