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House Panel Discusses Impeachment

October 5, 1998

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Going even further than Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, the chief Republican investigator for the House Judiciary Committee today laid out 15 offenses that could be grounds for impeachment of President Clinton.

In a much anticipated report before the committee’s expected vote for a broad impeachment inquiry, David Schippers said there was ``substantial and credible″ evidence that Clinton may have been ``part of a conspiracy with Monica Lewinsky and others″ to obstruct justice.

Starr, whose report sparked much criticism from Democrats, reported to the House that Clinton may have committed 11 impeachable offenses.

Democratic investigator Abbe Lowell was to follow with his analysis of the evidence.

Schippers said there was evidence that Clinton gave false testimony under oath both in his testimony for the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit and before a federal grand jury.

He also may have conspired to withhold evidence and tamper with witnesses in the Jones case and before the grand jury, Schippers said.

The Republican investigator said that the lurid sexual details of the president’s sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky in Starr’s report were ``at best, merely peripheral to the central issues″ in the case.

``The president and Ms. Lewinsky had developed a `cover story’ to conceal their activities,″ Schippers said.

The report also said Clinton may have ``aided, abetted, counseled and procured″ Ms. Lewinsky to file a false affidavit in the Jones case denying a sexual relationship.

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