Former Kids Triathlon winner returns for this year’s race

May 16, 2019

One of the CSRA’s most ambitious and dedicated athletes plays about half a dozen different sports – and he’s only in the seventh grade.

“I’m on two swim teams,” said 12-year-old Adam Lippe. “It’s hard to do a lot of biking around here just because it’s so hot, but I do road biking and mountain biking. I’m on a cross country team, a track team, and I’m also obviously on a triathlon team… on top of that, I also do gymnastics, which probably takes the most of my time.”

Lippe, who attends Westminster Schools of Augusta, was a competitor in last year’s Aiken Standard Kids Triathlon. He won first place in his age group with a finish time of 20:07.

Lippe said winning the triathlon felt “really good,” but he was especially proud to set an example as an athlete for some of the younger competitors in the race.

“I wanted to create a good example,” Lippe said. “One of the ways to create a really good example is to be good at something because they look up to you and are like, hey, I want to be like that guy.”

Lippe has certainly set a good example when it comes to dedication and fitness. He sometimes wakes up at 5:30 a.m. to exercise before school, and often doesn’t get home from after-school sports until 8:30 p.m. He is so busy with sports that he almost never watches television, but he loves competing so much that he doesn’t really mind.

Lippe is no novice when it comes to competing in triathlons. He participated in his first one when he was 6 years old, and has competed in at around 80 races since then.

″(The) hardest part for me is swimming because it’s so tough at the national level,” Lippe said. “It’s all based on the swim. You have to get out in front… if you don’t have a good back to draft off, your race is pretty much over.”

Despite any potential challenges in the swimming portion, Lippe’s well-rounded athleticism helps him balance out his performance during the rest race.

“My favorite part is probably to run because I do two other sports with running, which is track and cross country,” Lippe said. “I hope myself that I’m a good runner. It’s what really helps me. I’ll be in the back, and then by the end of the run, I’ve caught up a lot of places. It definitely helps, being a runner.”

The training for triathlons can be tough. Lippe described the Kid’s Triathlon as an “all out sprint” because of the shorter distances compared to the other races he competes in.

His parents play a big role in helping him juggle all the different teams he competes on.

“There’s a lot of equipment involved, and I obviously can’t pay for that by myself,” Lippe said. “There’s a lot of other things like driving, especially since I’m on my national team. We drive all around the country… I just had a race in Richmond, Virginia.”

Lippe will be competing in the Aiken Standard Kid’s Triathlon this weekend. He has a positive outlook on how the race will go, but he said he might have some stiff competition from some of his friends, who are also excellent athletes.

And he has some advice for young competitors who are just starting out.

“Good sportsmanship is definitely a good thing to have, but I think the biggest thing is just train,” Lippe said. “You need to train, and you need to train hard if you want to excel at triathlons.”

The Aiken Standard Kid’s Triathlon will be held at the Family Y on Saturday. For more information, including how to register, visit aikenkidstri.com.