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Legislature showed value of reasonable approach

Staff WriterMay 28, 2019

The 2019 regular session of the Texas Legislature won’t go down in the books for historic achievement, though it had some significant moments. But the session was best noted for what didn’t happen — angry, divisive measures that wouldn’t accomplish anything and ignored the real challenges facing Texas. That’s a positive development, and we hope it becomes a new tradition in state politics.

On the substantive side, the school funding/property tax relief bill is looking better. It might even stabilize a chronic problem and lead to real improvement in public education — not better scores on standardized tests that may or may not reflect better learning. The House and Senate took major steps to reduce damages from future hurricanes and floods. Lawmakers finally scaled back the punitive program that suspended the driver’s licenses of some motorists and made it difficult if not impossible for them to hold jobs so they could pay back the traffic fines assessed against them. Legislators even raised the smoking age to 21.

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