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Bank Executive Credited With Helping End Hostage Standoff

November 28, 1992

QUINCY, Ill. (AP) _ A bank executive who faked a heart condition during a robbery was praised by police for using quick thinking to help end a six-hour hostage standoff that took place after one person was killed.

Louis McClelland said the ordeal on Monday began when a man in a ski mask entered Town & Country Bank waving a shotgun. Police said the robber killed a bystander minutes later and took nine people hostage. None of the hostages were hurt, police said Saturday.

McClelland, the bank’s executive vice president, tried to convince the gunman that if he gave himself up, together they could sell the movie rights to the story and achieve fame and fortune, things he said the man seemed to want.

McClelland told the gunman he had an attorney friend who could help.

″He told me he’d watched the movie ‘Point Break’ 20-some times in the days before the holdup,″ McClelland said. ″He asked me if I thought the robbery would make the radio.″

McClelland said he faked a heart condition and told the gunman that no one would help make a movie if McClelland dropped dead. After nearly six hours, the man gave up and walked out of the west-central Illinois bank, where he was surrounded by officers and disarmed.

David D. Cousins, 22, was arrested on bank robbery charges. Police would not disclose whether they planned to seek a murder charge against Cousins. They referred questions to the state’s attorney, whose office was closed Saturday. None of the hostages were injured.

Police Sgt. Ron Dreyer said McClelland helped stall the robber and keep him calm.

″He read the guy pretty well,″ Dreyer said. ″Under the circumstances, he did exceptional.″

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