CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) _ A Saudi Arabian prince, who gave away thousands of dollars during his sometimes controversial 5 1/2 -month stay in a hotel, has departed with his wife and staff of 50.

In a final gesture of good will Tuesday, Prince Turki Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud donated $30,000 to a police union's fund for disabled children.

The prince's destination was not disclosed for security reasons, but a spokesman said he was flying out of state.

The prince and his wife, Princess Hend, arrived in July to accompany her father for kidney treatment at a Boston hospital and to arrange a $1.5 million gift to Harvard Medical School to endow a professorship in immunology.

After Iraq invaded Kuwait in August, the prince stayed on in what was described as an official mission to monitor American response to the Persian Gulf crisis.

The 53-year-old prince is a former national defense minister of Saudi Arabia and fourth in line to that country's throne, occupied by his brother, King Fahd.

Prince Turki and his party occupied two full floors of the Charles Hotel, 40 rooms that usually cost $200 each a night. He had a satellite dish installed on the roof and two secured lines for communications with Saudi Arabia.

He kept a fleet of limousines and drivers on call and paid Cambridge and Harvard University police thousands of dollars for working off-duty hours on security details.

City Council warned the prince's entourage during his stay not to drive stretch limousines across city parks, and some residents said bodyguards ejected children from a park so the prince's children could play there.

During the visit, the royal couple gave a new playground to one school, two college scholarship funds to another, three computers to a third, and one year's financing for a multiracial program at a fourth.

''As far as I'm concerned, they've been extraordinary neighbors and wonderful visitors, and they should feel comfortable coming back whenever they want,'' said Vice Mayor Kenneth Reeves.