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Becky Iverson is so happy, and so tired, she figures she’ll sha

August 3, 1995

STRATTON MOUNTAIN, Vt. (AP) _ Becky Iverson is so happy, and so tired, she figures she’ll shank her chance to make history.

``I’d be surprised if I won again,″ she said Wednesday after practicing for today’s opening of the $500,000 LPGA McCall’s Classic at Stratton Mountain.

Iverson won her first LPGA tournament last week, and her success appears to have shelved her chances of becoming the first player within memory to win her first tournament and follow with a second the next week.

``I can understand that,″ she said of the difficult double. ``I haven’t come down yet.

``I think I may fly home Tuesday to see the check, and know that I won,″ she said of her $75,000 payoff to go with the meager $11,000 this year and the $32,000 she pocketed last year.

``The money could last me until the end of next year. I don’t want to spend a penny of it.″

But Sunday’s victory also has its downside.

``I’ve been on the phone all day with my friends, my parents. I’ve talk to my parents four or five times a day.″ said the 27-year-old Gladstone, Mich., resident, who is on her second year on the tour.

In three days since Sunday, she has played only nine practice holes because ``I couldn’t concentrate. I’m so physically tired right now. I’m wiped out.″

Last week ``was the first time my brain has worked four days in a row,″ she said. ``It’s the first time my brain didn’t start wandering.″

This week, ``I’m just trying to have some fun. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll be able to think about winning again,″ she said.

That shouldn’t take too much thought now that she has her first taste of victory.

``Kelly Robbins was walking up to 18 with me last Sunday and said, `I’ll get out of your way and let you enjoy this,‴ Iverson said.

``She was right. It was really something.″

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