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Fayetteville residents pause to honor, pay tribute this Memorial Day

Gilbert Baez, WRAL reporterMay 27, 2019

For 22 years, Fayetteville has marked the Memorial Day holiday at Freedom Memorial Park.

On Monday, a large crowd weathered the heat to take part in the ceremony. People of all ages were in the crowd, and almost everyone there had a military connection.

The attendees, which included veterans and family members of soldiers who lost their lives, came to see the names of those who died on the battlefield and listen as guns rang out their salute.

“Call out our names and we shall live forever,” read a program from the event.

“We need to remember...just what [being an] American is and who fights for America,” said Don Talbot, an event organizer. “Sometimes we don’t do that. Memorial Day becomes a sale and a holiday and not a commiserative to remember.”

On Monday, a variety of organizations put wreaths near stones etched with messages and names that honored those lost in combat. The memorials pay tribute to a number of conflicts, including those lost during World Wars I and II and the Global War on Terrorism, which has become America’s longest war.

One veteran told WRAL that Memorial Day is about the three “Bs.” That’s beaches, barbeque and battlefields. He meant we couldn’t enjoy time at the beach or a backyard barbecues in freedom if it wasn’t for those who lost their lives on the battlefields.

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