City OKs State Boulevard phase

September 19, 2018

In three separate 8-1 votes, the Fort Wayne City Council approved necessary contracts and agreements Tuesday for the second phase of the city’s State Boulevard realignment.

The first contract, totaling $7.54 million, coordinates construction with INDOT for the project, which is 80 percent federally funded. The contract is a requirement to receive the necessary federal funds to support the project, City Engineer Patrick Zaharako told the council.

The second contract, for $989,955, is with American Structure Point for inspection services.

A third agreement, for $808,944, with Indiana Michigan Power reimburses the utility for poles that have to be moved to accommodate the project, according to Zaharako. 

“We have to pay Indiana Michigan Power to relocate the lines they had in their own purchased easements prior to our project,” Zaharako said, noting that there are three high-voltage lines that need to be relocated. “This is the agreement with them and it is 80 percent federally funded, so our portion of this actual cost should be about $161,000.”

The second phase of the realignment, which will span State Boulevard from Clinton Street to just past Cass Street and will replace a century-old bridge over Spy Run Creek, will be sent out for bids in February. 

Councilman Russ Jehl, R-2nd, was the sole vote against each.

“The 2nd District begins on the east side of the river and the neighborhoods there have asked me to oppose the project because they’re concerned about traffic primarily and other related things,” Jehl said by way of explanation. 

The first phase, which includes State Boulevard between Clinton Street and Spy Run Avenue, is still under construction. Work began in April.


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