After a combined 98 years at The World-Herald, ‘News Brothers’ Kelly, Jordon are retiring

August 19, 2018

My colleague Steve Jordon and I have worked together at The World-Herald for much of the past half-century, with a friendship like that of brothers.

We kiddingly like to call ourselves “The News Brothers,” after the TV and movie characters “The Blues Brothers.” For laughs, we’ve occasionally dressed up for the role.

But you know what they say about “all good things.” Our time at the newspaper is coming to an end — we’re both retiring on Sept. 28.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve conferred with editors and separately arrived at our decisions to depart. Steve will turn 72 next month, and I’ll be 70 in October — so I claim to be taking “early retirement.”

Steve arrived as a college intern in 1967 and went full time in 1968. When I arrived in 1970, he showed me around on the police beat.

We’ve enjoyed our careers and we each have written a book published by The World-Herald. He is the author of “The Oracle & Omaha,” about investor Warren Buffett, and I got to write “Uniquely Omaha.”

In a note to our news colleagues Friday, Steve wrote: “We’ll both miss you and the calling of the newspaper. But for now, we have a few more weeks to celebrate the newsroom and write stories we want to tell.”

Well said, brother.

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