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Theater Cancels Play About Local Murderer

January 10, 1992

PARIS (AP) _ A play about the final days in the life of a serial killer has been canceled in Chambery, the Alpine town where some of the victims lived.

The play, ″Robert Succo,″ named for a murderer who committed suicide in 1988, was canceled this week by Chambery’s Maison de la Culture because of threats from one victim’s family and colleagues.

Dominique Jambon, director of the theater, told reporters he did not want to go ahead with the play because of a lack of police protection.

According to the daily Liberation, the widow of a policeman slain by Succo had threatened to ″make a scene.″ Several other policemen said they would block the theater doors and ″break necks,″ according to the report.

Many theater directors expressed dismay over the cancellation.

Jacques Weber of the Theatre de Nice, said Jambon’s decision ″opened a monumental hole: At this rate, anybody could demand a show be canceled for just about any emotional reason.″

The play by the late Bernard-Marie Koltes was performed without incident in Nice and Villeurbanne. It is scheduled to open at the Theatre de la Ville in Paris next month.

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