Community offers up naming options for new CISD schools

September 7, 2018

This summer, Conroe Independent School District requested public submissions for the names of two new schools set to open in the coming years — and the community responded.

The district received more than 800 suggestions for the two new schools.

For Flex 19, a Kindergarten through sixth grade facility in the Oak Ridge feeder zone that is to open in August 2019, a total of 302 names were submitted.

For the new junior high facility, there were 501 naming submissions. The campus is in the Conroe feeder zone and will open in August 2020.

According to district policy, junior high schools, intermediate schools and elementary schools may be named after geographical areas, prominent figures or officials who have served the district or community or those recognized in education or the arts. Criteria also includes those who donated land or money for the facility as well as national or state heroes.

There were several names that received multiple votes, however. Here are a few of note, as well as the public’s reasoning for the suggestion.

Ruben W. Hope Jr., 183 votes

Hope was a Houston-born attorney who practiced in Montgomery County and had a passion for education, according to his obituary. He served on the CISD Board of Trustees and was also a state representative, in addition to serving on several committees and organizations. Many submissions praised Hope’s public service for both the school district and county.

Virginia Tamborello, 162 votes

Known as “Mama Tiger,” Tamborello worked at Conroe High School for 34 years, eventually as the associate principal. While she began her career teaching biology there in 1978, when she retired in 2012 she was met with a standing ovation for her service, as reported by the Courier of Montgomery County. Public reasoning cited Tamborello’s devotion to not only education as a whole in CISD, but the students as well.

Herbert W. “Kix” Lamp, 158 votes

Lamp graduated from Conroe High School in 1943 and taught in the district for 22 years, eventually becoming the principal of Anderson Elementary before he retired in 1989, according to his obituary. He was also involved in the community for decades. Community suggestions claimed Lamp was a dedicated educator and friend in the area for many years.

At an August meeting of the disrtrict Board of Trustees, when the names were presented, Deputy Superintendent Chris Hines said that the board may select a submitted name, but they may also select a different name. Additionally, the quantity of votes one name receives does not guarantee that name will be chosen.

Sarah Blakelock, the district’s communications director, said in an email that it is anticipated that the board will reach a naming decision for the two schools at their Sept. 18 meeting.

The two projects are both on schedule according to Easy Foster, CISD’s administrative director of planning and construction.


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