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Teacher Accused of Selling Candy to Students

January 19, 1985

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. (AP) _ School officials have suspended a teacher who allegedly sold her students packets of M&Ms for 50 cents each and pocketed the profits.

The teacher was suspended with pay Jan. 2, but on Wednesday the Palm Beach County School Board will be asked to suspend Doris Price without pay, the next step toward firing a teacher, according to the Miami Herald.

There was no telephone listing for Doris Price and she could not be reached for comment Saturday.

John Chamblee, attorney for the Classroom Teachers Association who is representing Ms. Price, said he didn’t ″want to get into the merits of the case until it’s tried.″ He has requested a hearing on the charges.

But he said Ms. Price ″is denying that there’s any reason to discipline her.″

A principal at Palm Beach Gardens High School saw a youngster eating M&Ms, asked where he got them and was referred to the 34-year-old English teacher, said Abbey Hairston, the board’s lawyer.

″Allegedly, she was selling candy for various reasons ... for her church, for herself, for her child who is sick - none of which was for a school function,″ Hairston said.

″As far as we know - and she hasn’t said anything to us to the contrary - she was selling the candy for her own gain,″ he added.

School officials said Ms. Price’s alleged unauthorized candy sales weren’t the sole reason for her suspension.

″The key here is gross insubordination,″ said Superintendent Tom Mills.

Ms. Price has been reprimanded twice in the last two years, Hairston said. Her file indicates that in May 1983 she sold tickets to a school play that was supposed to be free. In June 1984, Ms. Price was cited for taking six students out for a fast-food breakfast without permission.

″It’s not so much the fact that it was M&Ms. It’s the fact that there are rules to be followed,″ Hairston said. ″That (candy sales) is itself is not enough to fire someone.″

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