‘Fencing’ to secure empty building doesn’t impress

September 20, 2018

Fencing around the Flats on Fourth building that was installed Sept. 13 is seen torn down in areas of the entrance on the next day.

Fencing recently was placed around the Flats on 4th, located at 1415 4th Ave. in Huntington, in a move aimed at preventing entry to the property, which has stood abandoned since owner C2C Realty LLC filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.

The fencing was put up as an effort to curb criminal activity, as the property has been littered with trash and drug paraphernalia, and there are signs that squatters are living in the facility. A pool with stagnant water has been filled with trash, as well.

However, many were hoping for something more stable and secure than the orange plastic fencing that was unrolled around the building. Here are some reactions from Herald-Dispatch readers:

Diane Bright: “Well, isn’t that a joke.”

Hannah Stapleton: “Wouldn’t even keep a cat out.”

Christy Green Heather Oliver: “This will solve what? The appearance of this silly orange plastic so called fence makes the property look worse and definitely draws more attention as people go by laughing out loud at such a sight!”

Jennifer May: “This is in a prime district too close to Marshall to not be taken more seriously than this. Chase bank should be held liable to tear it down and write this property off as a loss instead of this cheap fencing solution that only makes the property look worse than before. They could at least make some of it back by selling the land. I don’t live in Huntington and you couldn’t pay me a million dollars to. I hate even having to come here to work everyday and pay a user fee that is obviously not being used properly.”

Jason Jobe: ”$30 for 100 feet of this fencing, and read it again, they said paid the city to contract someone. Why would they need to pay the city to contract it out? Why couldn’t they have just paid to have it done themselves, hmmm? And what did they pay the city, the contract to put the fence up was $1,200 that didn’t include city charge for contracting it.”

Pamela Thompson: “This must be a joke ...a 2-year-old could cross over this. I could get this at the dollar store and ask the druggies living there to install it. This was agreed to by the city? Let’s get something that HPD agrees to...because this is a joke.”

Deana Nida Kincade: “Tell me we’ve been PUNK’D?”

Jimmy Valiant: “Is this story written as a joke? Plastic orange fencing that is no taller than 40″ ? Wow!”

Sharon Henneman Jenkins: ”$1,200? Someone just made a $1,000 profit.”

Sheilah Ramey: “Waste of money ... that’s not gonna keep anyone out.”

Sandy King: “And what exactly is that plastic orange fence going to keep out?!?!”

Patrick Black: “Yep, that’ll keep them out.”

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