Week 3: Gage McCarthy

February 2, 2019


I had some ups and downs this past week. On Wednesday (Jan. 23) I was unable to meet with Bryan at Anytime Fitness as I was moving snow, lots of it. I did not make it to the gym as often as I had planned.

When we met on Monday I tried a new exercise for arms it made them a bit sore. I had to shorten my time on the treadmill as I lost a toenail and walking was very painful. Bryan suggested doing the bike that was much better. Good workout today, other than the frigid temperatures outside.

I test my blood sugars three times a week they were 113, 131, and 127 -- big improvement. I have had some days that my food choices were not the best. On Friday I went to the Outback with my friend Ron had a great steak and roasted vegetables (roasted vegetables were a new choice for me), they were OK.

My dad joined Anytime Fitness, then my younger brother, then a fellow Harley rider Dan, one of the other guys we ride with plans to join. One day my friend Terry was there he also rides with us. I have enjoyed meeting people at the gym, one gentleman Larry and I had a very nice visit, looking forward to perhaps seeing him again.

I lost 7 pounds last week, hope I have a weight loss this week, we will see.

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