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Tim Ryan says he would ‘most definitely’ have Roe v. Wade ‘litmus test’ for federal judges

David Sherfinski The Washington TimesMay 17, 2019

Rep. Tim Ryan, who had been a pro-life Democrat, now says he would “most definitely” have a Roe v. Wade “litmus test” for appointing federal judges if elected president.

“This is not something to be messed with,” the Ohio Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate said on MSNBC Thursday. “At this moment in history, people [could] try to dance around it I will have someone who will protect Roe v. Wade, no question about it.”

Mr. Ryan acknowledged that he had been a “pro-life Catholic.”

“And then I got to Congress, and I started hearing the stories of women who have had to deal with this situation, and it moved me,” he said. “It moved me emotionally; it moved me intellectually until I eventually changed my position to say hey, I don’t want the government between a woman and their doctor at all, ever.”

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