Redskins tumble in power rankings after Saints loss

October 10, 2018

The NFL Week 6 power rankings are out, and the Washington Redskins are seeing fluctuation after their 43-19 loss against the New Orleans Saints on Monday night.

NFL.com, CBS Sports, and SB Nation have the Redskins sitting at 18, 14, and 19 respectively, all drops from their rankings the week before. NFL.com is the only website that has multiple losing teams (Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles) ahead of the Redskins in the power rankings.

ESPN, who ranks the Redskins at 17, and Bleacher Report, who have the Redskins at 15, are the only two websites to ascend the Redskins from their week 5 ranking after their loss. ESPN and Bleacher Report both had the Redskins 19 before moving them up this week.

The division-leading Redskins seem to be hovering around the late- to mid-teens in the week 6 power rankings, but what about their NFC East opponents?

The New York Giants didn’t earn a spot higher than 27 by any of the major sports websites despite a convincing effort against the Carolina Panthers on the road. The Dallas Cowboys are not far ahead of the Giants in the rankings; they’ve not earned a spot above 21. The Cowboys fell in all the power rankings after an overtime loss to the Texans.

The Eagles, however, are higher than the Redskins in all the power rankings besides CBS Sports’. The defending Super Bowl champions are currently third in the division with a 2-3 record after losing two straight to the Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings. The Eagles are the highest ranked losing team in every website’s power rankings. The defending champs don’t hold a spot lower than 16 and are the only losing team to crack the top 10 in ESPN’s rankings.

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