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April 3, 1990

DETROIT (AP) _ The rummage sale ad was attractive, especially if you were looking for an armor-plated limousine or some high-tech security equipment.

But it was a joke, and somebody tried to play it on Mayor Coleman Young.

A classified ad in Sunday editions of The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press and Monday’s editions of the Free Press pitched rare guns, gold coins, fully appointed limousines and a state-of-the-art security system.

About 25 garage-sale buffs showed up Sunday at the address listed in the ad - Manoogian Mansion, the mayor’s residence, said mayoral spokesman Bob Berg.

The goods ″for sale″ were right out of the headlines following revelations in January that the city spent about $164,000 to buy armor-plate mayoral limos and Uzi machine guns for bodyguards.

The coins apparently referred to reports last month that an attorney for Young’s private company sold South African Krugerrands to an Oakland County coin dealer in 1988.

Dave McDade, classified advertising manager for the Detroit Newspaper Agency, said Monday the ad was scheduled to run again Tuesday and had been pulled. It was purchased for $60 by a man who did not identify himself, McDade said.

Young wasn’t impressed.

″They didn’t play it on me,″ Young said, laughing. ″They might have played it on whoever answered the door.″


QUANTICO, Va. (AP) - Marine Capt. Dianne Davis was surprised when a colonel asked her if she wanted to spend the day playing golf. She was even more surprised when she learned that President Bush was going to be her partner.

Col. Dennis Herbert interrupted Davis during a meeting Friday and said he had to talk to her immediately.

″The colonel asked me if I had my golf clubs with me, and I told him I did,″ she said. ″He said, ‘How would you like to play golf with the president of the United States?’

″I know I turned ashen white. It was a question I couldn’t even conceive of being asked. When I was finally able to stammer, I said, ‘Yes Sir 3/8’

Ms. Davis, who is stationed at the Quantico Marine Corps base, met Bush, Herbert and the commandant of the Marine Corps at the base golf course.

″The temperature was in the 40s, it was gloomy and cloudy, not one of your ideal golfing days, but I would have played in a blizzard,″ Ms. Davis said.

She said she shot a 92, and ″the president’s score was very close. I don’t think it is my place to say what it was. The other foursome beat ours by one point.″

After the game, Bush signed the score card, ″Certified to be almost true. Thanks for the lesson, George Bush.″

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