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Two British Aid Workers Die in Crash Under Fire Near Sarajevo

August 15, 1995

SARAJEVO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) _ Two British aid workers were killed Tuesday when the road they were driving on was fired at and their vehicle crashed, UNICEF officials said.

Neil Golightly of Glasgow and Tony Richards of London, employees of the British Phoenix charity, were driving to Sarajevo when the crash occurred on Mount Igman, which overlooks the Bosnian capital.

Controlled by the Bosnian government, the mountain road provides the only access to the city. But the last half-mile of the road is exposed to rebel Serb gunfire.

Drivers prefer to pass through this section at night, counting on the darkness to hide them, and the two aid workers decided to drive the narrow stretch without lights. The crash occurred about 12:30 a.m.

Heavy rains have turned the usually dusty road into a slippery track, and the driver presumably lost control when the road came under fire, said UNICEF spokesman Ryan Grist in Sarajevo.

On Saturday, a Bosnian medical team using the road was fired upon. A driver and a nurse were killed, and two nurses and a medical technician were wounded.

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