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Buckland Doesn’t Get Stage Fright

December 28, 2001

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Guitarist Jon Buckland of the British band Coldplay said he doesn’t get stage fright _ unless people in the audience start throwing things, that is.

``I’m terrified if they’re armed with bottles and coins and mobile phones,″ Buckland told AP Radio, laughing. ``That’s quite scary.″

Sometimes the danger comes from the stage itself. Bassist Guy Perryman said that during one show, lights that were being lowered from the ceiling for an effect hit him on the head.

``They weren’t heavy, but it was just mildly embarrassing,″ Perryman said. ``At least people can’t see the redness in your face on the stage, anyway, so it was all right.″

Coldplay had a hit on the modern rock charts earlier this year with ``Yellow,″ off their disc ``Parachutes.″

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