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Screaming Fans Greet Princes

March 25, 1998

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) _ Don’t expect prince-mania to wane now that Princes William and Harry and their dad have taken off to hit the ski slopes at Whistler.

Screaming fans greeted the bashful princes _ 15-year-old William and 13-year-old Harry _ at every public appearance in Vancouver and Tuesday was no exception.

Shannon Raimondo, 14, was near tears because she didn’t get close enough to William to deliver a bouquet and a teddy bear when the princes arrived at the Pacific Space Center for a tour.

``I love him so much,″ she told Canadian Press. ``He’s royalty. He’s so hot.″

Before Prince Charles and his sons left Tuesday for a skiing holiday at Whistler, Charles was guest of honor at ceremonies celebrating efforts to preserve British Columbia’s coastline and programs encouraging young people to fight racism.

``The tragedy and the shame is that such work is required, even in a multicultural country like Canada,″ he said. ``But you have set _ already _ a great example here in Canada.″

As for the fans that have flocked to see the shy princes, the admirers aren’t likely to go away.

Caroline Carter, 14, said she wanted to follow William to Whistler.

``Not to harass him,″ she said. ``Just to look for him. And make a huge effort to see him.″

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