Public Works Commission approves purchase of software package

December 15, 2018

The Watertown Public Works Commission approved the $12,945 upfront purchase of a Fixx Equipment asset management software package during its meeting Tuesday.

This purchase includes an annual subscription cost of $5,445, according to the minutes submitted by commission Chairman Bill Maron. This was included in the 2019 budget at $37,000.

The commission was notified of miscommunication between the street and water departments regarding businesses that use the recycling program. Most businesses that were signed up to use these services were either not being billed correctly or at all, according to the minutes.

“There are also many different scenarios of garbage and recycling carts which will now be standardized per the city solid waste and recycling ordinance,” according to the minutes. “A letter has been sent to these businesses to clarify what the correct charges should and will be.”

The commission voted to amend the 2018 annual street project contracts to include all applicable funding accounts. The budget included funding for asphalt paving, according to the minutes.

“The resolution presented to the common council did not include the storm water utility funding account,” according to the minutes. “Additionally, the 2018 sidewalk and curb and gutter contract did not include the Greater Watertown Health Foundation grant account as a funding source.”

The commission approved the purchase of leak detection equipment for the water department from Gutterman, Inc. for $15,420, which was a 2018 capital budgeted item. This equipment will reduce water loss and locate minor leaks before they become major breaks, according to the minutes.

This will be presented to the Watertown Common Council as a resolution.

The commission voted to begin the process of purchasing new Trimble R2 RTK Rover GPS equipment for measurement and data collection in the field from Seiler at the cost of $13,050. This is a 2019 capital budget item and will be sent to the common council for approval.

A proposal from Xylem was approved to repair a centrate tank mixer for $9,230. This was not a budgeted expense but the funds were available in the equipment replacement account, according to the minutes.

The commission approved a quote from WE Energies for lighting a small municipal lot on Madison Street, between North Second and North Third streets. Installation of the light is $175, then there is a monthly charge of $18.51 for the first 83 months and then $10.33 afterwards per month, according to the minutes.

A number of actions were approved by the commission. They include the request to retract a grass mowing bill for 409 S. Washington St.; a renewal of the software support license with GE Digital (Gray Matter) for $8,530, which is in the 2019 budget; and a 2019 tub grinding proposal from MaxR Recovery at a cost not to exceed $25,000, which will be sent to the common council for approval.

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