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Pope Names 25 New Cardinals

May 29, 1988

VATICAN CITY (AP) _ Pope John Paul II named 25 new cardinals Sunday, including the archbishops of Detroit, Washington, Vienna and Hong Kong and a prelate from Lithuania, the Roman Catholic stronghold of the Soviet Union.

The pope made the announcement at the end of a Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica during which ordained 69 new priests from 25 countries. He said he would formally elevate the new cardinals at the Vatican on June 28.

The new cardinals include Archbishops James Hickey of Washington, Edmund Casimir Szoka of Detroit, Hans Groer of Vienna, and John Baptist Wu Cheng- Chung of Hong Kong. The new Lithuanian cardinal is Vincentas Sladkevicius, apostolic administrator of Kaisiadorys.

Other new ″princes″ of the Roman Catholic Church include Archbishops Paul Gregoire of Montreal, Canada; Jose Freire Falcao of Brasilia, Brazil; Alexandre Jose Maria dos Santos of Maputo, Mozambique; Simon Ignatius Pimenta of Bombay, India; Mario Revollo Bravo of Bogota, Colombia; Edward Clancy of Sydney, Australia; Lucas Moreira Neves of Sao Salvador da Bahia, the primate of Brazil; and Laszlo Paskai of Esztergom, primate of Hungary.

The pope also named Archbishop Christian Tumi of Garoua, Cameroon; Franz Hengsbach of bishop of Essen, West Germany; Jean Margeot, bishop of Port Louis, Mauritius; Anthony Padiyara, archbishop of Ernakulam of the Siro Malabaresi rite in India; and Swiss theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar.

The appointments bring membership to the college of cardinals to 161, of whom 120 are under the age of 80 and eligible to vote to elect a new pope. Pope Paul VI had ruled that only cardinals under 80 could participate in a conclave and he also limited their number to 120.

In his announcement Sunday, the pope said he still will not reveal the name of a cardinal he chose ″in pectore″ - in his heart - in 1979. There has always been speculation the prelate came from a communist country.

In all, the new cardinals come from 18 countries and include several Vatican-based officials. Among them are Archbishop Achille Silvestrini, who is equivalent to the Vatican’s foreign minister; Archbishop Antonio Maria Javierre Ortas, head of the Congregation for Catholic Education, and Archbishop Jacques Martin, prefect of the papal household.

The session on June 28 will be the fourth held by John Paul II since his election as pope in 1978. The last was in 1985.

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