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Iraqi Students Mark War Anniversary

January 17, 1998

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) _ Sudanese and Iraqi students burned effigies of the American president and of Uncle Sam wearing a Jewish star early Saturday to mark the seventh anniversary of the Gulf War’s first Allied attack on Iraq.

About 200 Sudanese and 50 Iraqi students burned American, Israeli and British flags in front of the U.N. Development Program’s offices in Baghdad.

``Down, Down, USA! Down, Down, British crown!″ they shouted at 2 a.m. local time, the moment in 1991 that wave after wave of Allied warplanes began bombing Iraq to try to force Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to pull his troops out of Kuwait.

The students carried banners bearing slogans supporting Saddam and the Iraqi leadership.

Later Saturday, there was to be a formal commemoration of the anniversary of the attack. The war ended on Feb. 27, 1991.

``I salute the people of Sudan on the memory of the aggression and I condemn all American military threats upon Iraq,″ Saad Kassim, a member of the Iraqi parliament, told the early-morning demonstrators, presumably in a reference to the latest U.N.-Iraq standoff over arms inspections. ``This show of force and muscle will not scare us as Iraqis or Arabs.″

Other speakers demanded an end to the U.N. embargo imposed after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990.

Outside the U.N. Development Program offices in Baghdad on Friday, about 45 disabled people took part in a government-organized demonstration against the sanctions.

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