Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, July 24, 2018

July 24, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to an employee at Terrible Herbst, Coryssa, for always being happy to help as well as a friendly face. Her customer service is on point! Keep up the great work!

Onions to the animal control that will allow 2 dogs to cook alive inside a home that owner is without electricity. As long as they have food and water there is nothing that could be done, even though the temperatures are double inside the home then they are outside. Owner is just as responsible. Very Sad.

Onions to the onion regarding the “Man Bun.” I’ll bet the author is bald and jealous.

Orchids to L.T. Landscaping for the terrific job they did on our project. They are very professional. They had great ideas and completed the job very quickly. They are experts in their field. Best prices, and quality irrigation systems. Our dogs are grateful for the artificial grass. 5 stars!

Onions to the customer service representative at the Lake Havasu City Water Department. Your attitude and rudeness speaks for itself. Just because you are a government employee doesn’t give you the right to talk to people the way you do. I called because I needed help, it wasn’t because I wanted to.

Onions to the cardiologist that thinks I’m stupid and tried to tell me a blood clot has nothing to do with the heart. Perhaps Tab Hunter’s doctor can explain it to you.

Orchids to Grandma Nancy, hostess at Golden Coral. She couldn’t be friendlier, more helpful or anxious to make our meal awesome. She’s a gem.

Orchids to HRMC nurses in the OR, both pre-op and recovery, plus 3rd floor. Had hip replacement and was given the best of care. Out the next day. Yes they are the only game in town, but I had great care.

Onions to the onion writer on English Village. It is a hive of activity: repainted buildings, new streetlights and paving, a new restaurant being constructed and a redone parking lot in the offing. We’re proud of progress and the dedicated workers. Take a closer look!

Onions to the onion giver about my fence around my property. The fence was put there for your safety while I tear down an old building. And construct a nice new building. As far as the signs go, you are right on, but I tore them off before your onion ever hit the news. Your beef should be with the idiots that put the signs up without permission.

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