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Stripper Stands by Story

February 6, 1989

NEW YORK (AP) _ A stripper who said she performed sex acts while television evangelist Jimmy Swaggart watched denied Monday that she made up her story to cash in on publicity surrounding a similar story last year.

Catherine Mary Kampen said she received anonymous offers of hush money to stop publication of the allegations, which appeared last week in Penthouse magazine, and received threats before and after publication.

Swaggart said last week there was no truth to the story and Kampen’s employer called it a ″pornographic fairy tale″ invented for financial gain.

″Every word that’s written in this magazine is true,″ Kampen declared Monday at a news conference.

She and a magazine spokeswoman declined to say how much she received for her cooperation, but Kampen said, ″It was such a small sum of money that it really is inconsequential.″

Swaggart last February confessed to an undisclosed sin involving a prostitute and was later defrocked by the Assemblies of God ministry.

She said she offered to tell her story to reporter Art Harris for free, and did not receive the money until long after she talked to him in the spring of 1988.

″If I was going to make something up, to cash in on something, I surely wouldn’t have made this up,″ she said at a news conference at Penthouse offices, noting that the story ″does not exactly put me in a good light.″

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