Fan veteran finally makes Darlington infield

September 2, 2018
Frank Smith is making life-time memories as he spends his first time at Darlington Raceway in the infield. He is helping to commerate the event with a beer can decorated tree.

DARLINGTON, S.C. - Frank Smith of Blythwood, South Carolina, experienced something Saturday at Darlington Raceway that a limited amount of people get to experience. He was on the infield for this weekend’s set of races.

“This year’s going to top it all,” he said. “I’m in the infield this year. Normally I watch from the stands.”

Smith is a frequent visitor to NASCAR venues.

“I’ve been to Talladega, Martinsville, Charotte and Bristol,” he said. “I like ’Dega because it’s a super speedway. I like Martinsville because it is a short track. I like Darlington, because it’s Darlington.

At each of the venues and every year, Smith and his buddies erect an alcohol tree decorated with the spent beer cans and various liquor bottles.

“This was started by my buddy Ross. We do this at every race we go to,” he said.

Smith went to college in Charlotte, but doesn’t have a particular favorite driver, but rather favors any of the Hendricks crew.

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