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Three Climbers Found on Oregon Peak

May 11, 1992

TIMBERLINE LODGE, Ore. (AP) _ Three climbers were found in good condition today after being lost on Mount Hood for nearly 48 hours.

Donald Henry Lacer, 32, of Portland and Sheri Anderson, 31, and Dean A. Anderson, 33, both of Seattle, were found shortly before noon.

″They’re healthy and dry,″ said Scott Marelli, a member of their original climbing party.

The missing climbers were found at the 6,000-foot level of the 11,235-foot mountain, searchers said. They had been reported missing at about 9,000 feet.

They had carried no survival gear or foul-weather clothing. But they apparently found shelter and kept warm until rescuers found them on the mountain about 45 miles east of Portland.

More than 100 searchers using snowmobiles and search dogs had been looking for the missing climbers today. Two H-60 Pave Hawk helicopters equipped with heat-sensing devices also searched the mountain today.

Winds picks up today, blowing away some of the cloud cover. Cloudy weather, poor visibility and blizzard-like conditions hampered the search over the weekend.

″The winds at the top were just about unbearable,″ searcher Jeff Hunt said Sunday. ″When you got down lower, the snow was so soft you could barely trudge through it - and visibility was next to nothing.″

The three were among six climbers who reached the 11,235-foot summit Saturday. The group split up on the way down.

More than 70 rescuers began searching the mountain Saturday afternoon in snow and 60 mph wind.

In May 1986, seven teen-agers and two adults on a school outing died when a sudden snowstorm hit the mountain.

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