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AT&T Says Calls Still Not Getting Through to Iraq, Kuwait

August 24, 1990

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Americans worried about friends, relatives or business associates in Iraq and Kuwait still can’t get through by telephone, an American Telephone and Telegraph Co. official said Friday.

AT&T estimates that about 1,000 calls a day have been completed from Iraq to the United States in the past week, but no calls have gotten through in the other direction, said company spokesman Herb Linnen.

Callers have been unable to reach Kuwait since about 36 hours after the Aug. 2 Iraqi invasion, Linnen said.

Customers at MCI, the nation’s No. 2 long-distance company behind AT&T, also were not getting through to Iraq or Kuwait, MCI spokesman Dave Thompson said.

Linnen said AT&T had added 87 circuits to Saudi Arabia and is handling 30,000 calls a day to and from the kingdom, where the United States is increasing its military buildup.

Calling volumes between the United States and Jordan have more than doubled, averaging 20,000 calls a day since the invasion.

″Because of higher than usual volumes, some customers may encounter busy circuit conditions requiring them to call again,″ Linnen said.

Normal calling patterns continue between Egypt and Israel, he said.

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