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Damp Scot Seeks Sunny Shores, Is Greeted By Elena, Gloria With AM-Gloria

September 26, 1985

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ Andrew Niven came from eight weeks of rain in Scotland for a sunny Florida vacation. He was promptly greeted by rain and wind from Hurricane Elena.

So he headed for the sunny Bahamas, where he was greeted by Hurricane Gloria’s stormy brush.

″Poor guy,″ said his travel agent.

The Aberdeen, Scotland, man arrived in Daytona Beach about three weeks ago. Undaunted, he rode out the end of Elena’s lingering close approach to Florida, then sat out the even heavier rain that fell over the state last week.

″Then I booked him to the Bahamas,″ said John Cushing, a travel agent in adjacent Ormond Beach.

Niven arrived in Nassau on Monday. The next day, the government issued warnings about Hurricane Gloria, which was roaring in from the Atlantic Ocean.

Instead of the sunny beaches he sought, Niven was told to expect high winds, dangerously high tides and monstrous waves, or all three, he said from his hotel in Nassau. Radio stations issued storm warnings every three hours.

″There’s just a sort of breeze here now, but it was very windy last night,″ he said late Wednesday after Gloria brushed by the islands and headed for the United States. ″It’s still very hot and it’s clouded over.″

Is Niven sorry he ever left home?

No, he said. ″I came from eight weeks of rain in Scotland.″

With Gloria gone, the last few days of Niven’s vacation may offer some sun.

Niven said he plans to return home Saturday.

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