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Marilyn Heins: Measles epidemic revisited

Special To The Arizona Daily StarMay 20, 2019

I cannot restrain myself! I won’t be able to sleep nights if I do not do all I possibly can to fight the measles epidemic. This means I will have to repeat some things I have written before and say some harsh things.

Let’s briefly look back at the history of measles in the United States. In 1954 a medical article described measles as “inevitable as death and taxes.” The first measles vaccine was developed in the U.S. and made available in 1963, thankfully just in time for my own children to be immunized. After the vaccine was introduced, reported numbers of cases fell dramatically and after the vaccine was improved and the second dose added to the immunization regimen, measles was eliminated from the US in 2000. But it’s baaack!

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