Andy Kim declared the winner as official ballot count continues in N.J.’s Third Congressional race

November 14, 2018

Burlington County Superintendent of Elections George Kotch after his office analyzed thousands of provisional ballots that could help determine the outcome in the tight Andy Kim-Tom MacArthur Third District race. Copies of the 4,500 ballots are on the desk behind him, and the bags containing poll books filled with voters names and signatures are on the floor.

Jan Hefler and Connor Smith/Staff Writers, By Staff

About 7,000 provisional paper ballots that officially will determine the winner in the close race in New Jersey’s Third Congressional District were delivered to the boards of elections in Burlington County and Ocean County Wednesday morning so that the counting could begin.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Associated Press called the race for Andy Kim.  He would be the first Asian-American elected from New Jersey and the first Democrat elected in the Third District since 2008.  Kim has never run for or served in elected office before.

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