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Saying Goodbye: Notes from Peck, Josh and Jenny

June 1, 1996

Complete entries from a journal recovered from the car stolen by Peck, Josh and Jenny. Their spelling and punctuation is intact:


From Peck.

Yea, its me. I have to say these last few days have been like no other. We skipped school, broke in to the science building, stole a car, stole gas, and made a shelter in Knoxville Tn.

Josh’s love for Jenny grows every second, and with every second it hurts me more. We all agreed to die together if we were caught.

Love has once again entered my life, but stronger than anything ever before. Jenny’s green eyes, her blond hair, and her young, upbeat voice are the things I love about her most. Oh yes, whoever gets this, tell Jamie Hyde (a cousin) I was glad he was there for me. Peck

Love gives you strength and integrity but also a weakness at heart.


From Josh,

I’m with Peck and Jenny. We ran away Wednesday night at 12:50. We were all in trouble at school and just decided to go. We walked until I, we, found a car with keys in it. I was the one who drove it off, so I guess I’m the one who stole it.

The car was low on gas so we got gas in R’ville. We went through Andrews and Murphy and on to Tennessee. We stole some gas there and then went to Knoxville, Tenn.

Me and Jenny talked it over and decided we were ready to have sex with each other. I’ll probably be in a better place by the time you read this.

P.S. Tell my dad that I’m sorry and that I love him. Tell my whole family that I truley am sorry to have disapointed them so badly.


Hi. Its me Jenny. I needed to write this to you mom. I really am sorry and I love you. But you could not protect me from my brother (name deleted). I need to go. I love you mom so please forgive me on this last chance to get away. I took it. Josh was my hero. I love him. We made our chose and I maid love to him. Peck was and will always be the bestest friend. They help me. I was afriad of (her brother) and Dad and all the troble I gotten into.

With all my heart I maid a choose to love Josh and leave you.

Please tell my friends and John and Kenny I love them and I am sorry so just know I will not let you down agin. I love you mom.


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